Frequently asked questions


Product information

What are the neon signs made of?

All of our light creations are made of a string of closely spaced LEDs, which is covered by a PVC jacekt. This combination of materials was especially designed to combine the look of traditional neon glass tubes with the energy efficiency, flexibility and durability of LEDs.

What material is the back of the signs made of?

The LED-strings in the PVC-jackets are mounted on high quality clear acrylic panels. These acrylic panels can be cut to shape, so that it follows the outline of the lighted sculpture and is practically invisible or it can also be cut to a specific shape like a square or with a specific distance from the shape. The signs can also be mounted on other backgrounds (wood, aluminum, etc.) if you wish.

Can the light be dimmed?

Yes, all our signs for homes come with a dimmer, with these the signs can be dimmed down to approximately 5 percent of its original luminosity, which also makes it the perfect night light. There is also a flash function, which can be used at different speeds, so that a party can be started any time.

Do the neon signs make a noise?

No, they are very silent.

What is the average life expectancy of a neon sign?

Each LED-bulb has an average life expectancy of 50.000 hours. This means that if it was in use every day at full power 24 hours a day, it would live 5 years, 10 days, 18 hours and 20 minutes. The dimmer of course helps at prolonging this time period essentially.

What color is the cable and how long is it?

The cable which is directly connected to the neon sign is made of thin copper and coated with a transparent plastic jacket. The cable is approximately 2m long and can be made longer if needed. The cable connects to a small black transformer (similar to an old laptop cable). The cable of the transformer is again 1,5 m long and ends with a plug.


Installation and Safety

Where do the signs get the electricity from?

All our signs are connected through an average plug, just like a normal lamp. All our signs come with a 12V-transformer. They are of course also suitable for childrens’s rooms. An installation by an electrician is not neccessary at all.

Can the signs be mounted by myself?

Absolutely. We drill holes for hanging the in the acrylic background. With the help of these the signs can be hung up just like a painting. They can also be hung in shop windwos.

How safe are the neon signs?

Our LED-neonsigns produce practically no heat at all. As they do not contain neon, no gas can emit, nor can they break. You can touch the signs as well as the PVC coating as well as the acrylic background at any time without  concerns.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is a one-year-producer’s-guarantee on all veryneon-products. Please contact us in the case of defects. This guarantee does not apply in the case of wrongful use.


Orders and Delivery

Which countries to you deliver to?

We deliver to every country of the European Union. And Switzerland.

Which payment methods can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCards, American Express, Paypal, pre-payment, instant bank transfer as well as cash payment if you decide to pick it up personally in Munich.

How can I check the status of my order?

We will send you an order confirmation with an approximate delivery date. We will inform you once your order is shipped and send you the tracking number.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Customers from EU-countries with a valid tax identification number can shop without VAT. For other as well as Germany customers the norma 19 percent VAT applies.


Our neon signs can be returned within 14 days after receipt of the article(s). We are happy to refund you. Unfortunately we cannot take back individual pieces, but will of course do our best to help you to make you like your sign better.